“It’s like eating ground up teeth”

My husband said this me one night after I attempted a fancy rice dish. Ha. While snarky, it was very accurate. I am the absolute worst in the kitchen. The only thing I’ve perfected is Sangria. My husband’s face lights up when we go out to eat like he’s never tasted food before. I once thought it would be great idea to put maple breakfast sausage in spaghetti. (I don’t recommend this.) I am the queen of serving bland veggies and I somehow always over-season chicken. You name it, I’ve burnt it.

In my defense, I just started cooking. My husband was the chef and up until our schedules changed, he did most of the cooking. I never learned the basics when I was younger. In college, I lived off of ramen and granola bars.

So here and now, I am announcing to the world (or you who are reading this) that my New Years resolution is be less awful and more awesome in the kitchen. I no longer want to be requested to bring ice to family parties. Take-out cannot be my forte. Cooking classes here I come! 🙂