Resolutions yet again

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything. I’ve been spending time with family and now that all the madness is coming to a close, back to writing. Since it’s New Year’s Eve, it’s time for the proclamations and intentions for the new year. I’ve decided to publically share my top three (mainly to keep myself accountable.)

1) Be more present with my son

We are so busy trying to capture the moment that we often miss it completely.  When I’m with my son I want to turn off the electronics and be with him.

2) Tone that post baby body up.

Well my son is almost 10 months old and while I lost most of the baby weight a while ago, my body does not look the same. Pilates, here I come.

3) Organization

Time to stop living like I did in college and get organized. I am mom that works full time from home and is finishing my degree at night. I am extremely busy and need to change my ways of living in constant chaos.

Well those are just a few personal goals I have for the new year. Wishing all of you a prosperous and healthy New Year! Bring on 2013!

Here’s my son ready to party!