Resolutions yet again

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything. I’ve been spending time with family and now that all the madness is coming to a close, back to writing. Since it’s New Year’s Eve, it’s time for the proclamations and intentions for the new year. I’ve decided to publically share my top three (mainly to keep myself accountable.)

1) Be more present with my son

We are so busy trying to capture the moment that we often miss it completely.  When I’m with my son I want to turn off the electronics and be with him.

2) Tone that post baby body up.

Well my son is almost 10 months old and while I lost most of the baby weight a while ago, my body does not look the same. Pilates, here I come.

3) Organization

Time to stop living like I did in college and get organized. I am mom that works full time from home and is finishing my degree at night. I am extremely busy and need to change my ways of living in constant chaos.

Well those are just a few personal goals I have for the new year. Wishing all of you a prosperous and healthy New Year! Bring on 2013!

Here’s my son ready to party!




My DIY Holiday Card Shoot

Now that I have a baby, I wanted to send out a Holiday card. We are trying to cut back so I decided to take my own photos.Trying to get a nine month old to sit still while smiling was not exactly easy. I suggest bribery and extreme goofiness. I didn’t use any fancy props, just a Santa hat, pjs, my house and backyard. Nothing spectacular, but I managed to capture a few sweet moments. The last one is my favorite. It’s hard not to love this little guy. 🙂

DSCN0498DSCN0432 DSCN0444DSCN0428

DSCN0483DSCN0496 (2)



Unsolicited advice

If you’re one of those moms who gives unsolicited advice, know that all the other moms hate you.

This is something I said in jest on Twitter. While meant to be humorous, it’s pretty close to the truth. What is it about having a child, in tow makes you think I want to hear your opinion on my child rearing abilities? I must have “Please give me advice” tattooed on my forehead. Former “friendly advice” included everything from shaming me for not making all my son’s baby food ( I make 75% of it homemade) to advising me the dangers of letting him play with a pair of swimming goggles.  The worst offender has to be a random woman insisting I cover my baby with a blanket. This was over the summer in my local Target. (Oh and did I mention I live in Florida, where summers are unbearably hot) I politely disagreed and kept moving. However, she was so sure that my baby was cold, she found me in the store and brought me a blanket that she purchased. I was so flabbergasted, all I could say was thank you and accept the gesture. I mean…WHO DOES THAT?

So fellow women, this is my plea. Please, if the child is not in real harm just let their mothers be. Before voicing your opinion on some minor concern please consider, we are all just doing the best we can.

My son sitting on the very blanket Target lady purchased.


Welcome to Motherhood

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. Sure, I am a smart, semi-responsible woman. I read the books, I have a group of mom friends but in reality, I wing it. Every day is an adventure. My goal for this blog is to keep it real, tell my story and possibly make you laugh. Being a mom is scary, hilarious, wonderful, exhausting and the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope you enjoy my journey.